Is a Motorcycle Accident Different Than Other Accidents?

Yes. Motorcycle riders are some of the most vulnerable people who travel our roads. Because bikes can’t have the same safety features like cars, motorcycle accidents often lead to more serious injuries.

Another factor is that riders are often blamed for accidents even when they aren’t at fault. Drivers don’t always pay enough attention to motorcyclists and will blame the motorcycle rider because the situation was unexpected. But just because they didn’t expect to see someone on a motorcycle, doesn’t make it the rider’s fault.

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Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

_mg_9357When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Manteca, you owe it to yourself to find the best lawyer out there. A great lawyer needs to be much more than just local. When you want the best settlement possible, the most important thing is to find an attorney with experience and reputation.

An attorney needs to know what they are doing. But they also need to a solid reputation among insurance companies. The truth is that unless an insurance company takes you seriously, you will not get justice. They will pay you as little as possible. They will attempt to cut their costs as much as they can, regardless of what that means to you and your family.

Why Doesn’t the Insurance Company Make It Easy

Getting your life in order after an accident is difficult enough without the insurance company making things harder. It’s not an accident on their part. It’s intentional. The reason they make it hard to get justice is that the less money you get, the more money they keep.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is the best way to protect yourself. We work on a contingency fee. This means you pay nothing upfront and that we get paid as a percentage of the final settlement. Unlike the insurance company, you and your attorney will have the same goal; getting the maximum possible settlement for your case.

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